Products in the Comano Spa cosmetic line for men have been designed specifically for male skin. Available products are designed to quickly restore a condition of physical well-being, favouring the restoration of tone and freshness in the face and body.

Hand cream

With a pleasant fragrance and easily absorbed, leaves the skin feeling smooth and grease-free.

from  9.50

Shower gel

With a typically male fragrance, delicately cleanses skin and hair.

from  15.50

After-shave emulsion

Softening and emollient, soothes and reduces reddening caused by shaving.

from  14.00

Lip balm

Creates a light protective layer and protects the lips from external agents.

from  4.50

Delicate shampoo

Cleanses delicately without irritating the scalp.

from  12.00

Cracked heels cream

Lightly exfoliating, generates a pleasant feeling of freshness.

from  13.00