How to choose the products

Thermal Cosmetic line.
Our skin is an organ that protects our organism from external aggression, which represents one of the main causes of progressive changes in our appearance.  While it is not possible to halt the natural biological process of skin ageing, it is possible to  maintain and prolong its ideal condition of elasticity, radiance, resistance and balance.

To achieve this objective, it is important to analyse the skin and choose the cosmetic products most suitable to your needs. The products - part of the “Salus per Aquam” - line were created to meet the various needs of different types of skin. The raw materials used provide constant protection and hydration.



Classic psoriasis lesions are characterised by a rash area (redness) with well-defined margins, overlapped with pearly-white flakes. Dimensions can vary greatly, just like the thickness and degree of the erythema. The way in which psoriasis manifests itself varies greatly. The areas more commonly affected are: head, elbows, knees, the sacrum, hands and feet, often symmetrically.

Recommended productsEudermic cosmetics part of the Dermapsor line

It can manifest itself in different ways: dryness and itchiness are common symptoms, to which can be added redness, swelling and scabs. In addition, the need to scratch generates lesions that can easily lead to skin infections. Manifestations can change even within the same day. Face, neck, inner elbows and the area behind the knees are often affected

Recommended productsEudermic cosmetics part of the Eudermica line



Normal skin
This type of skin has a uniform pink colour. The skin is smooth and silky to the touch and there are no imperfections.
The level of hydration is ideal, so the skin needs no specific treatment. Products for normal skin aim at maintaining the existing balance as long as possible and focus on protection from external factors that might cause alteration.

Recommended products: Moisturising cream, Cleansing milk, Water spray, Shower gelFirming moisturising emulsion

Oily skin
Due to excessive sebum secretion, the skin is shiny with dilated pores and blemishes such as blackheads or spots. The colour is dull and the skin feels uneven and coarse to the touch. With this type of skin, it is important to choose products that can reduce and rebalance the production of sebum especially during cleansing. If used with moderation, exfoliating products can be helpful as they promote cell renewal and reduce follicular hyperkeratosis.

Recommended products: Face wash, Sebum-balancing cream, Face scrub, Body scrub, Water sprayLiquid talc

Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin is characterised by the lack of moisture and sebum and is prone to react to external aggression. Its colour is dull and it is also prone to desquamation. Cosmetics must be extremely delicate not to worsen the sensation of dryness and redness.

Recommended products: Sensitive skin cream, Comano Eudermica bath oil, Comano Eudermica protective moisturising cream, Water spray