Psoriasis is a chronic and recurring inflammation of the skin, which presents itself as lesions in the form of erythematous and scaly patches. Psoriasis affects about 2 million people in Italy, and may develop at any age, although it usually appears between the ages of 20 and 30.

Psoriasis is manifested with red areas characterised by thickened skin and the presence of pearl-white coloured flakes. Places where psoriasis is most frequently shown are: head, elbows, knees, sacrum, hands and feet.

There is a genetic predisposition for psoriasis, but there are events in our lives that can contribute to this skin reaction. The situations that can set it off vary widely: significant emotional stress (grief, an accident, losing one's job), skin traumas (significant injury, permanent lesions), infection focuses (streptococcal pharyngitis) and certain medications. Lifestyle can also play a decisive role: smoking, drinking, incorrect nutrition, obesity and stress can all favour the manifestation of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is manifested in several ways, and the therapeutic interventions that can be activated are varied and personalised depending on the type of psoriasis and the severity of the symptoms. Pharmacological therapies often offer immediate results, but they seldom last long over time. Comano waters, containing bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, have an effect on the complex mechanism of psoriasis, reducing the production of the inflammatory molecules. From a clinical point of view, we may notice an extension in relapse times between one acute phase and the next, with a reduction of the severity of the psoriasis and a better quality of life for the patient. In the acute forms, balneotherapy with Comano spring water is a valid therapy, also associated with the treatments applied by the patient during the rest of the year. For slight or moderate forms of psoriasis, using calming and keratolytic creams is found to be very useful in reducing redness and flaking.

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