Products in the skin care line Salus per Aquam are formulated with innovative technologies and using active ingredients with high functional capacities, which help to keep the skin in its best condition, and to re-establish physiological conditions in altered skin. The spa water content gives the products a highly soothing, moisturising, keratolytic and calming effect on itches, guaranteeing the utmost tolerance even in the most sensitive and reactive skins.

Moisturizing body emulsion

Specific for dry and fragile skin, reduces reddenings and itchiness.

from  32.00

Moisturizing body emulsion

Specific for keratosic skin; it moisturises and soothes.

€ 32.00
from  24.00

Beeswax ointment

Creates an emollient and protective film and favours healing.

from  16.50

Boric-boracic ointment

Favours the reduction of patches in hyperkeratosic skin and soothes irritation.

from  20.50

Moisturizing protective cream

Nourishes, protects and improves the restoring process in extra-dry skin or skin with dermatitis.

€ 39.00
from  29.50

Emollient protective cream

It reduces exfoliating skin thickenings and normalises the skin.

€ 39.00
from  29.50