Taking care of your body in the correct manner also means choosing the most suitable products for your needs. Each skin type, like each body part, must be treated every day with the correct daily routine. The Comano Spa cosmetic line provides several solutions for true well-being.

Hand cream

With a pleasant fragrance and easily absorbed, leaves the skin feeling smooth and grease-free.

€ 9.50
from  5.70

Cracked heels cream

Lightly exfoliating, generates a pleasant feeling of freshness.

from  13.00

Shower gel

Delicately cleanses while favouring deep hydration.

from  15.00

Mosturizing toning emulsion

Body emulsion that nourishes in depth, while firming and toning the skin.

from  21.00

Leg refresher gel

Defatigating and protective, leaves swollen or tired legs feeling fresh and light.

from  18.00

Body scrub

Its light exfoliating action favours cell turnover, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

from  14.50