Bath oil

COD. 8052439460117

Delicate and highly tolerable formula containing a mixture of detergent oils that do not alter the barrier function. Soothing and moisturising, it favours the reduction in itchness, providing relief to irritated skin.

  • Moisturizing
  • Detergent
  • Normalizing

Specific for dry, very dry and hyper-reactive skin, suited for the treatment of dermatitis and eczema. Indicated for cleaning the whole body, specific for dry, irritated and fragile skin areas. Does not remove lipids and does not contain foaming agents. Apply to the whole body or to small areas with circular movements and emulsify with wet hands. Rinse abundantly with lukewarm water. Also suitable for children and newborns.

Phosphatidylcholine – Lecithin – Cholesterol – Ceramide 3.